Key Things You Need to Know About HR

A well-written Employee Handbook with a signed acknowledgement form is a must!

If you want to win unemployment hearings and avoid distracting lawsuits, your first line of defense is a well-written handbook. An employee handbook should clearly outline key policies, standards of conduct and expectations. But handbooks are not just for the troublemakers! They also let your conscientious employees know what’s expected of them and what they can expect from you.

Many small and mid-sized companies are maintaining their employee files incorrectly.

When you hire an employee, you gather lots of confidential personal information. Sticking all that info into a single file folder can lead to problems. A comprehensive HR Assessment™ or economical Quick Assessment™ from The Davidson Group will provide steps to eliminate the risks associated with this common mistake.

Many small and mid-sized companies hire the wrong employees.

Most business owners and managers believe that they have exceptional hiring instincts. But if they actually tracked it, they’d find that their good hire percentage is NOT as high as they think. Adding a good, benchmarked assessment into the selection process will increase the good hire percentage of virtually every manager, which produces a very high return-on-investment (ROI) for the company.

Many small and mid-sized companies promote the wrong people.

When a company is starting out, it hires individual contributors to fill the early roles. As the company grows, it promotes these employees into supervisory or management roles based on their technical skills and their tenure. Later, the owner finds him or herself in a jam because these former rock star employees are now lackluster supervisors who no longer love their jobs. The Davidson Group develops customized succession and employee development plans.

An experienced HR leader can help you grow your business.

Business owners know that they need capital and a sound business strategy to grow their business. However, many neglect to assess their current workforce for potential and hire the WRONG people for key strategic positions. A bad hire in a critical role can erode their working capital and set the growth plan back for months or even years. Employee benchmarks provide a proven way to ensure that companies hire the right person for the job.

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